Our vision was to build a platform that would allow our customers to create something new. The idea that every website and product could do more with embedded video chat got us fired up.

People like Lauren and Kuda, founders of Signathon; and John M, founder of Dispatchjustice.com took Zipcan and made something that inspired our team.

One customer really got our creative juices flowing, and their professional experience in commerce became an obvious accelerator to Zipcan’s success.

We are very excited to join the team at Hi Touch, a spin out from retail leader Teamwork Commerce.

Zipcan will remain the product you know and love for the time being. We have plans to expand the offering and offer all customers the option to switch to the Hi Touch product at some point in 2022.

Please reach out if you need anything: notices@zipcan.com.

Cheers! - The Zipcan team 🍻